Seeking Allah Finding Jesus book review

1024 576 David Joannes

Date read: 02.13.2017. How strongly I recommend it: 10/10.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity, by Nabeel Qureshi on Amazon.

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This book naturally draws a unique array of readers. A Christian audience interested in understanding Muslim culture will find this book enlightening. Christians who seek to effectively reach people of the Islamic faith will benefit from its many unique cultural and religious glimpses. Muslims themselves will find this book polarizing, either drawn to the book as they too seek Truth or angered by the account of a Muslim turned Christian. Either way, the contrasts of the Muslim and Christian faith intertwined within the page of this book is an alluring narrative.


I have read books on Christian apologetics before. I have also read bits and pieces about the Muslim faith. This book tops them all! Written from the first person point of view (a Muslim man seeking the truth about Islam and eventually finding the power of the person of Christ), this book carries a rich narrative about the complexities of Christianity and Islam. It explores the historic, scientific and religious background of faith, and comes to a final powerful conclusion. Each chapter is concise and easy to read.


Even though this book is splattered with Islamic words and concepts, the author clearly articulates the meanings of terms and definitions, drawing the reader into the obscure and often misunderstood Islamic worldview. At the end of each chapter there are suggested readings for a deeper understanding of the topics he brings up. Although I have not read any of the suggested books, I found this very helpful for the deeper thinker and seeker. It is a very helpful addition. Also helpful is the “Expert Contributions” at the end of the book. Descriptions, explanations and stories from other points of view only serve to empower the quality of this book.


This is not just another apologetics book. It is not nearly as, shall I say, “dry” as many of the books that seek to describe the Islamic (and even the Christian) worldview. I enjoyed how the book weaved from personal experience and upbringing to deeper theological truths. The book was much different than I expected, a well-written work on a highly important topic. The author’s depictions and examples of the honor/shame culture (a foreign topic to many westerners) was well thought out and skillfully portrayed.


The author’s intellectual capacity shines through each chapter through his ability to navigate deep philosophical, scientific, historical and religious worldviews. His choice of words and storytelling ability are commendable. The book truly draws the reader in. Each chapter ends with hints of something even better around the corner, beckoning him to continue reading. The book elevates the reader as the author describes with brevity and clarity new Islamic terms and definitions.


Though I grew up in a Christian home, I find the former Muslim author’s personal faith journey an inspiration to my Christian walk. This book beckons me to faithfully study the word of God and to seek His presence wholeheartedly. I believe that the impact of this work will be felt by believers of every faith as it is a thorough look into the life of a spiritually hungry individual. After finishing the book, I find myself mulling over many of the considerations that the author brings up.


I give Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus a 10/10.