The Mind of a Missionary

What Global Kingdom Workers Tell Us About Thriving on Mission Today

You are an integral part of God’s global plan. He created you for greatness; He designed you to display the glories of His Kingdom on the earth.

In The Mind of a Missionary, David Joannes challenges you to find your role in God’s glorious Kingdom narrative. He draws upon history, psychology, life experience, and powerful storytelling to reshape your perception of God’s unique plan for your life.

You will learn about the motivations, expectations, risks, and rewards in the missionary venture. In each chapter, a missionary “guide” shows you how to thrive on mission today. The lives of Jim & Elisabeth Elliot, C. T. Studd, Nikolaus Zinzendorf, Robert Moffat, Jackie Pullinger, David Eubank, Nik & Ruth Ripken, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Don Richardson, and Heidi Baker merge with modern-day global Kingdom workers serving around the world.

In The Mind of a Missionary, you will learn about the

  • intrinsic & external motivations of cross-cultural missionaries
  • cultural & social expectations of the missions call
  • numerous complex risks that a missionary faces
  • glorious rewards that come from missional service

You will find out how to

  • thrive in ministry with altruistic motivations
  • overcome the obstacles that seek to defeat you
  • dare the impossible to advance the Kingdom of God
  • maximize your role in the Great Commission

God thinks highly of you, esteems your uniqueness, and values your individuality. The Mind of a Missionary will inspire you to thrive in your Heavenly calling and transform the world with a missionary mindset.