The Space Between Memories

Recollections from a 21st Century Missionary

Daring missionary stories. Faith-filled vignettes. Miracles amidst persecution.

Does your pulse quicken at the thought? Does a hope—deep, wild, and visceral—awaken within you at the notion of taking part in God’s epic redemptive plan?
You were made for adventure beyond imagination.

Yet, some feel lost in the wilderness of God’s call, unsure if the insignificant or mundane fit into His plan.

The Space Between Memories highlights the last two decades of David Joannes’ missionary travels. From the hullabaloo of Manila to the jam-packed city streets of Kunming to the rural villages of Southwest China, this part memoir, part travelogue shows God’s hand at work among the most unassuming of misfits. It is a testament that if only we would answer His call, His glory can be found, even in the space between memories.