The End Is Near. It’s Time To Take Chances, Time To Be Risky

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“The end is near. It’s time to be risky. It’s time to take chances.”


Our Within Reach Global missionary just texted me today. She has been living in the urban jungle of Southwest China. And if that wasn’t “risky” enough for most people, she is seriously considering praying about moving to a small city on the China/Myanmar border, to 26 Tribes, our outreach center in an epicenter of unreached people groups.

In the big city, it’s easy for a foreign missionary to blend into the pandemonium of city life. But in a smaller town, the eyes of the authorities scan the landscape with a more ready radar.

But that doesn’t bother our local missionary. We are a team of pioneers, trailblazing new paths to reach the unreached world.

“Safety?” she says. “Nowhere is safe anymore! Even in America. And the point of our calling to reach unreached people groups is not about safety. It’s about finishing the task of reaching the unreached!

I love this kind of passion. I am so proud of our missionary team for dreaming big and considering new ways of bringing the gospel to regions where it has never been heard before.

I want to take a moment to challenge you. How are you “living risky” for Jesus? To what place will you go to bring the gospel light to those who have not heard? What kind of a chance will you take today? What sacrifice will you make to build something that will outlast yourself?


Please pray for our ministry team as we go to the least reached people groups of Southeast Asia. You can support them on our donation page.


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