The Humble Heart: A Surrendered Life

The Humble Heart- A Surrendered Life

God never desired sacrifices. He never desired burnt offerings and holidays and feasts. All he ever wanted was a broken and contrite heart. All he ever wanted was obedience. That is the greatest gift we can give him.

What does that mean though? I think I am finally figuring it out.

Today I had the opportunity to witness a baptism. A young man wanted to be baptized today so we drove out 45 minutes to go and help officiate. A man from the states visiting did the honor and we all were blessed to be a witness.

Before we even came to the baptism we sang a few songs on the guitar and prayed over him. The setting was simple. In an almost empty apartment we praised God, and he filled the room. Holy Spirit flowed in there like water and we all felt his presence. He was the welcomed guest in the room today.

He taught me right there, that his glory is for the humble and meek in heart. The kingdom he has to give, is theirs to inherit. This young man was not concerned whether or not the man baptizing him was a prophet or had some sort of mega ministry. He didn’t care if anyone saw it or it was on stage. He didn’t even think about whether or not there was a choir or a man with a doctorate or PHD in this or that.

All he needed was a little water and Jesus.

So in a tiny room, an inflatable pool held some water. With his heart humbled and his eyes on Christ he sat down in the pool. He was dipped and came out.

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We could hear all of heaven crying out. They rejoiced over him. They sang songs of joy and celebration that Jesus himself sang. They danced and praised at the coming of a new son today.

On earth the site was nothing more than a cheap pool in an old apartment. There were no lights or bands or mega congregations or preachers or programs…just a humble heart crying out for Christ. But in Heaven, I am sure the site was unimaginable.

I learned that everything we do is backwards and Jesus has it right. The first are last. The last are first. The weak are strong and the proud are fools. The humble and meek inherit the kingdom of God. The poor and lowly will see crowns of glory. It is the orphan and widow that will be seated at the table.

I think we will all be surprised to see just what a titan of faith really looks like. Its the obedient in heart. The man who is on a stage in front of millions is not greater than the plumber who cares for his family… as long as they are both obedient to Christ Jesus and adhere to the word of God as a lamp unto their feet…Their inheritance will be mighty.

This is the realness of the truth. That no matter where we are… in a bathroom in Asia or a platform in the States, Christ is king. He deserves our allegiance and obedience and love. There is no greater gift than that which we could give him.

The proof of the internal love of God in us is shown in the external practice of loving each other. So to this I say, Lord…I surrender all. I surrender my ideas of what ministry should look like. I surrender my thoughts on how life should go. I surrender my plans and ambitions. I surrender my cares and worries. I surrender my heart. I just surrender God. My plans are not greater than yours. My ways are not better than yours. My thoughts are not higher than yours. If Jesus was born in a manger, why should I deserve more? I will follow the footsteps of Christ and sacrifice all that I have if it means I can see souls that belong to you come home. May the Lamb that was slain receive the rewards of his suffering… for nothing compares to the eternal weight of Glory… no pain or hurt or circumstance could be greater.

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You are worth it all.


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