Skip to 1:45 to hear this rhetorical question: “We tip our waitress 15% to 20%, but God is only entitled to 10%?”

This morning I began playing my guitar in chord progression D Bm G A, and the words started coming:

We lift our hands in worship
We lift our voice and sing
We lift our lives to heaven
And give you everything

My one year old daughter was sitting next to me on the play mat, and she closed her eyes, raised her hands and began humming.

Simple childlike worship.
All cares were forgotten.
A moment in God’s presence.

I thought of the unreached people groups we at Within Reach Global have been reaching for over 15 years. I thought of the gross misallocation of Christian spending. I considered how awkwardly skewed our sacrificial giving is on the swinging pendulum of our priorities.

I thought of this:

The $310 million (going toward unreached people groups) is only .001% of the $30.5 trillion Income of Christians. For every $100,000 that Christians make, they give $1 to the unreached. (The Traveling Team, Money and Missions)

(Find more incredible statistics like this at There’s A Bunch Of People Who Have Never Heard Of Jesus, And Chances Are, You Don’t Care.)

May our lives be wholly devoted to the one who called us out of darkness into his light. May we be compelled to take his presence to those who have yet to hear of his salvation.

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“That which costs me nothing is not worthy to be sacrificed.” – King David

David Joannes
Founder/President at Within Reach Global
David Joannes is the co-founder and president of Within Reach Global, Inc, which serves the advance of the Gospel in some of Southeast Asia’s most difficult places. He is the author of The Space Between Memories: Recollections from a 21st Century Missionary. David has a love for language, culture, and creative writing, and for the last 20 years, he has witnessed God’s Kingdom established in forgotten parts of the globe. David lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with his wife, Lorna, and their daughter, Cara.
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