Strong Fathers Strong Daughters book review

Strong Fathers Strong Daughters book review
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Date read: 06.19.2017. How strongly I recommend it: 10/10.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker on Amazon.

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You’re a good dad but you want to be a better dad. You need some tools—perhaps even some secrets—to fathering your beloved daughter successfully. Because she’s growing up so fast. You’re trying to capture every moment, to make the most of your time with her. But time is so fleeting. As a teenager, will she love you the way she did as a toddler? When she grows up, will she look to you for advice? Will she remember the way you tried to protect her, nurture her, lead her? These questions permeate your thoughts. The author reminds you that, “You will influence her entire life because she gives you an authority she gives no other man.” She then provides the tools to be strong for your daughter, seeking to simplify the overcomplicated complexities of father-daughter relationships. This book is a must-read for every father.


This book boasts a perfect blend of scientific discovery, psychological behaviors, and personal narrative. The author starts off strong, tackling tough subjects like sexual activity, depression, alcohol, drugs, and media use, juxtaposed by the strength that a father can bring to his daughter’s table. I felt both exhilarated and terrified as I became aware of all that my daughter will be exposed to. How can I protect her from the innumerable messages that popular culture will shamelessly broadcast to her developing psyche? The author moved seamlessly to chapter 2, compelling fathers to be the hero for their daughters. God, grant me leadership and perseverance. God, grant me grace as I raise my little girl. Moving to chapter 3 and beyond, the author’s many challenges inspire me to walk with integrity as I become the father I am called to be.


There was no dodging the reality of all that my daughter will potentially be exposed to. Popular culture has shifted dramatically over the years and the author calls men to be the fathers that their daughters need. I walk away, namely, with this: “You were made a man for a reason. You were made a man to be a strong, loving husband and father. So listen to your instincts, and do what’s right. Be a hero.” At times while reading, I became choked up. Then a sudden memory would befall me and an ardent love began to beat in my heart. The clarity of a father’s role that the author expounds upon was poignant and poetic, explicit and timely.


The author traverses the seasons with ease as she described many girls growing up in a pivotal time where a father’s strength is needed the most. Whether your daughter is two-years-old or twenty, the reality remains the same: “At the beginning of her life, she will feel your love. At the end of her life, you will be on her mind. And what happens in between is up to you. Love her extraordinarily. This is the heart of great fathering.” The creativity of this book was found both in the many stories of fathers and daughters and in the research about relationships and behaviors. The needs of a young girl (and a young woman) seem superfluous, but the call for quality fathering is at the epicenter of each chapter.


This book was written very well. I found it both colloquial and eloquent. Transitions between chapters were seamless, and the content, tone, and message flowed flawlessly. Written from the perspective of a woman, this book (surprisingly) felt even more compelling than masculine perceptions might have been penned. The author says, “you are the man who will teach your daughter about men.” She articulately describes a girl’s needs for a masculine figure and was very generous in her uplifting tenor.


The final words of the book end with this: “Can you connect with your daughter? Absolutely. Keep it simple. Make it part of your everyday life. Have her help you with chores, or take her out to the theater, or go on a mission trip with her, but whatever you do, focus on her. Tune in to her, listen to her, and don’t let work and its preoccupations distract you from your daughter. At the end of the day, she’s more important than anything else.” I have been inspired and challenged to rise to the task of raising a daughter in a modern world. This book provides unique insights and powerful tools to enhance the relationship between a father and a daughter.


I give Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters a 10/10.

David Joannes
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