Cultures are amazing things. Where/how/when someone grows up dictates (in large degree) how one responds to the circumstances of life.

As a missionary who is constantly seeking to communicate the gospel in clear terms to different cultures and worldviews, these kind of graphics intrigue me.

“Explaining the Gospel to people who hold another worldview is never easy. If we are to be true cross-cultural communicators, we must endeavor to understand how the Gospel is applicable to other cultures.” – Roland Muller, Honor and Shame

Take a look at these graphics. Do they help explain some of those weird situations you’ve had when encountering people from another culture, specifically Eastern cultures?

The artist and visual designer Yang Liu was born in China and lives in Germany since she was 14. By growing up in two very different places with very different traditions she was able to experience the differences between the two cultures first-hand.

Drawing from her own experience Yang Liu created minimalistic visualizations using simple symbols and shapes to convey just how different the two cultures are. The blue side represents Germany (or western culture) and the red side China (or eastern culture):

east meets west 001
Lifestyle: Independent vs. dependent

east meets west 002

Attitude towards punctuality

east meets west 003

At a party

east meets west 004

Ideal of beauty

east meets west 005

Elderly in day to day life

east meets west 006

The boss

east meets west 007

Noise level inside a restaurant

east meets west 008

Problem-solving approach

east meets west 009

Size of the individual’s ego

east meets west 010

Perception: How Germans and the Chinese see one another

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east meets west 011

How to stand in line

east meets west 012

Complexity of self-expression

east meets west 013

Traveling and recording memories

east meets west 014

Connections and contacts

east meets west 015

Three meals a day

east meets west 016


east meets west 017


east meets west 018

Moods and weather
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