The Gospel of Jesus Among Muslim Women

Missions Pulse, with guest: Amani Mustafa

Amani Mustafa on The Gospel of Jesus Among Muslim Women

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“As a former Muslim woman, I know, the biggest gift my mother gave me is that she led me to Christ. So that’s the greatest gift I would want Muslim women around the world to have: to know Jesus Christ.”

Amani Mustafa encountered Christ at age 13 when her mother came to Jesus. What followed was a tumultuous faith journey that almost cost her her life. Local imams persecuted Amani’s mom. Her father tried to kill her. She fled from Egypt. But the love of Jesus changed everything.

In this episode of Missions Pulse, David Joannes interviews Amani Mustafa, host of The Muslim Woman at Al Hayat TV. With an estimated audience of 40-50 million viewers, Al Hayat Christian Channel uncovers the truth about the Islamic teaching and boldly preaches the Gospel to the Muslim World.

Also, watch for a special appearance from Ravi Zacharias as he shares How To Present The Gospel To A Muslim. (Content reposted with permission from

“For centuries, Muslim women have had no voice, ” Amani says. “They have been dominated, silenced and abused. They have been taught from the Qur’an, through local imams at the mosques and by their parents and teachers, that their opinion does not matter to man or to God. The dominating feeling in a Muslim woman’s life is fear—fear of Allah and his wrath, fear of life and what it might bring to her, but most of all, fear of death because according to Islamic teaching women comprise the majority of inhabitants of hell. This is what they have believed for centuries, but now all of that is beginning to change.”



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